Girls Love Mail So Let’s Get To Work

As you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There’s so much you can do in October, and all year long, to promote and support Breast Cancer Awareness.  I’m not going to ask you for your money, but instead ask for your time and talents to help support different groups and organizations throughout the month of October.  Girls Love Mail is a wonderful charity that collects hand written letters of encouragement to women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  You can write as an individual, or get a group together to make colorful cards and letters that offer hope and love to women who are fighting breast cancer right now.  Letters are distributed at cancer centers across the country.  Visit the Girls Love Mail website to sign up to write letters to help a women in need of encouragement during her journey through breast cancer.  You can sign up, and find out more by clicking the HOME link below.  Don’t forget your monthly self check ups, and get your mammogram!  ~~  Patty Steele



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