Rainy Day Things To Do

It’s going to be a rainy weekend, but you can still have fun!  There’s plenty to do in your own house, and I am not talking about cleaning.  Put on your bathing suit and go play in the rain (as long as it is not thundering and lightning).  Rainy days are perfect for finding you.  Get comfortable and start your own auto-biography.  Writing about yourself may feel awkward, but you’re the only one that can really tell your story.  That’s a great activity for everyone in the house.  Do some baking!  Everyone can get involved in that too!  Board games, and physical games are great group activities.  I’m thinking Twister!  Binge watch a show you’ve been thinking about watching on Netflix, or online.  Have a conversation.  Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken with in awhile.  Nowadays so many of us are so busy doing that we forget about those that aren’t as close anymore.  I’m sure Grandma, Grandpa, or Great Aunt Sally would love to hear from you.  Spend some time with yourself this weekend.  I see rain as Gods way of telling us all to slow down, spend time together, and relax.  Have a great weekend everyone!  ~~  Patty Steele



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