If You Are A Fan Of The $5 Footlong Read This!

Subway is ending it’s famous $5 Footlong Deal, and people are going nuts!  The footlong deal was introduced in 2004, and starting this month the deal will no longer be available everywhere.  Franchise owners will now have the option to offer the $5 footlong deal, or to get rid of it. So that means only certain restaurants will offer the footlong deal starting this month.  Many franchisees weren’t happy about the footlong deal in the first place, so chances are good it’ll be hard to find in most locations.  Subway raised the price of its 12-inch subs by $1 in 2016, but brought back the $5 deal earlier this year.  Local owners might decide to still offer the $5 footlong, but only for certain sandwiches, or certain days of the week. You’ll just have to call your local Subway to find out.  Talk to your local Subway dealer about it.  Yes, I said dealer.  LOL  ~~  Patty Steele



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